Hallsville ISD Stadium Scoreboard Style Guide

This guide was developed to help advertisers get the best visual result when submitting advertising for placement on the Hallsville ISD stadium scoreboard.

Rendering Distance

The Hallsville ISD Stadium scoreboard is a Formetco multi-panel LED display with an effective rendering of ~72 DPI at 150 feet. To put this in perspective, the effective resolution at 100 yards would be ~36 DPI. This is a very important consideration when preparing your graphics for submission. Images should have a high foreground to background color contrast ratio with clean, simple logos. Avoid complex shading and script fonts whenever possible. Additionally, do not apply border styles to the outermost edges of the graphic and allow some margin between the content and the outermost edge.


The overall aspect ratio is 11:6 with an effective rendering of 660x360 pixels. The side tiles (1-6) should have a 1:1 aspect ratio with a resolution of 256x256 pixels at 72 DPI (minimum resolution of 128x128 pixels at 72 DPI). All "Middle Screen" and full screen applications should follow the 11:6 ratio with a resolution of 1320x720 pixels at 72 DPI (minimum resolution of 660x360 pixels at 72 DPI). As a best practice, submit higher resolutions and we`ll scale them on our end; however, aspect ratios must be accurate to ensure proper display.

Video Formats

All video should be delivered in Standard HD (16:9) format with MPEG4 encoding at 29.97 fps. Maximum length should be no more than 10-15 seconds. The shorter the video, the more plays we can squeeze-in between period changes and timeouts. Note: The HISD scoreboard is not a true Standard HD (16:9) device. Your 720p (1280x720) content will be scaled to 640x320 then applied to a 16:11 (660x360) window using very small black bars (~5px) at the top and bottom of the frames. The video will not be distorted or cropped.


Here`s an example submission for the 256x256 (1:1) tiles displayed in positions 1-6:



The logo is clean and simple but the tile contains a border, crowds the outer edge, uses a low-contrast font color, and tries to say too much for the space provided. Additionally, social media icons are not particularly useful in this space; consider using @mentions and #hashtags instead. Here`s the same ad with the logo and company name enlarged, no border, more outer margin, higher contrast font colors used, and larger fonts with a simpler message. This image will be far more readable at 50-100 yards.

More Information

For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact us at (903) 668-5990 x5702 or via email at mpage@hisd.com.